2013 NYC Dance Week


Participating Studios:

  5 Boro Power Yoga   |   Art of Motion   |   Arte Capoeira Center   |  Astoria Fine Arts Dance   |   Ballet Academy East    |    Ballet Basics & DansArts Studio   

    Bent Pilates StudioBollywood Funk NYC    |    Brooklyn Ballet    |    Cindy Lai Fitness Boot Camp    |   Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance  

Dance Manhattan    |   Dance New Amsterdam   |   Dancehall Aerobics at Ripley Grier Studios   |   Dancewave   |   Danza Niwa   |   Dardo Galletto Studios   

Dokoudovsky New York Conservatory of DanceFit and Fab Studios   H+ (Hip Hop Dance Conservatory)    |   Heliummm Aerial Dance & Entertainment 

Hot Hula Fitness with Maria   |   Jessica Phoenix at Ripley Grier Studio   |   Joffrey Ballet SchoolKat Wildish  Ballet for Adults

mang’Oh Yoga Studio    |    NYC Dance Arts   |    Peridance Capezio Center    |    Pilates Reforming New York    |   PMT Dance Studio

S.L.A.M.   |   Sandra Cameron Dance Center   |   Stepping Out Studios   |    Studio Anya   |   The Ailey Extension   |   The Bridge for Dance, Inc

The Lab   |    The Mark Morris Dance Center     Warrior Fitness Boot Camp   |   Zumba By Alyson at Yorkshire Towers Fitness


Here are our reviews of the Participating Studios by style:


West African @ The Ailey Extension
Open Afro Caribbean @ Peridance
Basic-Beg Joneeba African Dance @ Peridance
Beg-Basic Joneeba African @ Peridance


Introduction to Ballet @ Ballet Academy East
Barre a Terre @ Peridance
Open Conditioning Barre @ Peridance


Hip-Hop / Funk (Bev Brown) @ The Ailey Extension
Slow Intermediate Hip Hop @ Peridance


House @ The Ailey Extension


Intro to Horton @ The Ailey Extension


M.E.L.T. @ The Ailey Extension


Pilates Mat (Open Level) @ Ballet Academy East
Open Yoga/Pilates @ Ballet Academy East


Samba / Afro Brazilian (Quenia Ribeiro) @ The Ailey Extension


Open Yoga/Pilates @ Ballet Academy East
Open Yoga @ Ballet Academy East


Zumba @ The Ailey Extension
Zumba @ Ballet Academy East
Zumba with Alyson Sousa


Beginner @ Physique57
Physique 57 @ Physique57
Physique 57 @ Physique57

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