3 Simple Ways To Get Back Into Shape

It’s easy to get into shape if the right diet and workout plan is followed. It’s however not as simple or straightforward to maintain that body after you stop working out.

1FitEngine’s founder, Tasha Norman, suggests getting back into shape after a long hiatus requires a little effort and a whole lot of discipline. Take a look at how you can lose the winter or holiday weight and get that envious body back:

Start Small
Jumping back into your old exercise routine can lead to an injury. How? Mentally, people think they can handle the same as before, but it may not be the case. It’s best to be cautious and aim for consistency.

Here’s a suggestion; first, start with long, brisk walks every day; progress to light jogging. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, light jogging, as opposed to hard running, is the key to longer life.

Come up with a reasonable plan to get to that point and once you get there, amp up the volume. If you aren’t a runner, you can book a Pilates class and set a goal of practicing at home too.

Don’t Idealize the Past
Many people who are trying to get back into shape often make the mistake of comparing past achievements with current ones. While it must feel good to recall the feeling of crossing the finish line in your first ever big race, don’t forget the hard work that went into preparing you to get there. That is the same level of work (if not more) that you’ll need to get back there.

Cultivate a New Reason For Fitness
It makes sense that your motivation for wanting to get back in shape may

be different from the last time you rocked serious biceps or ran a half marathon without panting.

Decide why you want to get back in shape as this will help you stay motivated during the rough and tough.

Work On Strength and Flexibility
2While nobody gets a medal for touching their toes, strength and flexibility training is a crucial element to getting back on track.

The structure of a good strength routine in necessary as it will support your other training exercises.

Plus getting back into fluid motion after stopping exercise altogether for a stretch of time will be difficult. Enrolling in a flexibility class is the only go-to option.

So, find the best Pilates or flexibility class in New York today!