5 Easy On-The-Go-Snacks

Ashleigh Gurtler, Holistic Heath Counselor, FitEngine health advisor and reporter

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5 Easy on-The-Go Snacks

It can be easy to grab a healthy snack when you’re at home but when your life takes you out and about it gets harder to make health conscious choices. We are constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising to get us to indulge in some less healthy choices so it’s important to bring along some smarter snacking options.

1. Fruit with nut butter, like an apple or a banana with almond or peanut butter- the perfect balance of complex carbohydrates, natural sugars and protein

2. Veggies with hummus- fiber from chickpeas and the high water content of most veggies (like celery and cucumber) will help keep you full

3. Cheese sticks with whole grain crackers and avocado slices- protein from the cheese, fiber from the crackers, and healthy fats from the avocado hit all the right nutritional marks

4. Yogurt with berries and some nuts- try Greek style yogurt to bump up the protein content

5. Trail mix with dried fruit- Make your own using raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts with a few raisins and cranberries

Ashleigh Gurtler

Holistic Health Counselor

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