5 Key Ingredients For Making Healthier Drinks

Ashleigh Gurtler, Holistic Heath Counselor, FitEngine health advisor and reporter

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5 Key Ingredients For Making Healthier Drink

1. Use fresh-squeezed or 100% fruit juice to avoid added sugars. To cut the calories even more dilute with water or ice. From concentrate” means water is removed from the juice to make concentrate for packaging, then the water is added back to reconstitute to 100% juice. It’s not necessarily bad for you but it would be best if you just got 100% juice or better yet made your own using a juicer.

How to make a Fizzy Lemonade- In a shaker with ice, mix together 1 shot of tequila, ½ shot simple syrup and the juice of 1 lemon. Transfer to a glass and fill the rest with seltzer water.

2. Prevent added sodium and calories by choosing seltzer over tonic or soda. – A good rule of thumb is to just check the nutrition labels for sodium content and any added sugar. Seltzer is a great choice because it shows 0% in every category, but if it’s flavored with natural flavors that don’t add any sugar or sodium, or at least a very minimal amount, then it’s fine

3. Choose light alcohol over dark. Darker alcohols contain compounds called congeners that can make hangovers a nightmare.

4. Limit yourself to one shot per drink, about 1 ½ ounces (Don’t blindly pour). As for the whole drink, stick to 8 ounces.

5. Make a simple syrup. Use honey, which although high in sugar also contains healthy antioxidants and making your own syrup will help you control the overall sugar content. Mix ½ tablespoon honey with ¾ tablespoons warm water.


Ashleigh Gurtler

Holistic Health Counselor

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