5 Things You Need To Know Before Joining A Group Fitness Club

Let’s face it: If exercising wasn’t good for us none of us would be doing it. Sure, there’s a “feel-good” element to working up a sweat and it gets your body looking fine but by the end of the day, exercising is just hard. More than the physical aspect, exercising is also mentally draining specially for those who can’t get motivated alone.

This is the sole reason why fitness groups or group exercising has always been a trend. It was popular in the 80’s and it’s even more popular now what with more people wanting to have a fit lifestyle. From yoga and outdoor running to crossfit and spin classes, exercising with a group of people helps keep you motivated as well as make the exercise fun and exciting.

As fun as group exercise sounds, there a few things anyone looking to join a session or two should know.


Don’t be late

This is the one rule you should know even if you have to forget everything else. Being late for a solo session is perfectly fine but being late for a scheduled group workout is a big no-no. There are times when being late is justified but if you make a habit out of it, you might as well just re-schedule.

Arriving to class early also means you will be able to introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know that you are new to the class so they can help you get set up. Showing up early, however, is not just for the new people in class. If you have any injuries or would like help on an exercise modification or correction, the instructor will be able to assist you.

No negative energy allowed

Group workout sessions are all about letting go of stress and harnessing everyone’s good vibes. With that said, you better not be the source of negative energy! Don’t go to a session telling everyone your problems or why your day is just bad. Nobody wants to be reminded of how bad their day is so you shouldn’t torture them by sharing yours. Just get in there, smile, and let your stress come out in the form of sweat and intense breathing.

Dress for the exercise, not for fashion

Gearing up is a nice-to-have not a necessity. Dress for the workout session, not for a photoshoot. Get into comfortable clothing and try to wear as little gadgets as possible. Less is definitely more in the world of fitness. Some of these sessions even prohibit the use of any device so you better turn your phone off before you start or you might find yourself in an awkward position.

Bring your own hygiene kit

No one wants to have to clean up after your mess. It can be anything from wiping the machine after your done using it to carrying your own yoga mat. Have the initiative to bring your own materials or soaps and towels so you don’t have to walk out of the shower wearing someone else’s bathrobe.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Hydration is extremely important specially when we’re talking about group sessions that require hot rooms or environments. More than the health benefits and safety precaution proper hydration can bring to the table, you also don’t want to end up quitting halfway or fainting due to dehydration and exhaustion while everyone’s in the zone.

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