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Get Rid Of Tightness, Soreness, Stiffness, & more

You're invited to feel the FitEngine Difference at a super-low, introductory rate! Located in Tribeca, NY, We're a studio that caters to you and your personal situation. Have you been loving bar classes but now your body is tight and begging for release? Need to be more flexible for your dance routine? Want to kick stiffness to the curb? We've got you covered. 

Try ANY 3 Classes for Only $30.

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Classes You Can Choose From:


*Our Most Popular Class* Kick stiffness, tightness, and pain to the curb! Release joint restrictions and increase your range of motion for HUGE benefits. - 60 Minute Class, personalized to each individual - Essential for athletes & everyday people - Instructor audits your individual situation and assigns appropriate moves. Often times, you'll leave surprised and enlightened by what you've learned about your body. - Learn how to connect your unique anatomy and biomechanics to improve range of motion, skill and function. - Various techniques include Isometric & PNF stretching, joint mobility, and more -- without injury or stress to the body.

2. FMRB+ (Foam Roller, Massage Ball, Bar, Plus)

The most common fitness problems solved. Reverse muscle tightness & experience fluid movement using the secret weapon of top atheletes. - 60 Minute Class, Often delivering immediate results - Because every "body" is different, rolling is customized to suit your body + history. - Pair this class with "Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility" for maximum results - Some of the benefits of FMRB+ Class are: Ease muscle soreness (aid your recovery), Correct muscle imbalance, Increase range of motion and mobility, Prevent injury, Release muscle tightness or trigger points, Increase muscle force (your strength and power), Boost circulation of blood to your muscles and improve tissue health while lowering overall blood pressure, Reduce cellulite

*Rollers and props will be provided at no additional cost, but feel free to bring your own Roller if you have one. 


Welcome Yoga ethusiasts, teachers, and curious beginners! This style of yoga is among the most popular in the US. It's called "flow" because each movement is synchronized with a breath creating a smooth, relaxing (yet challenging) class for all to enjoy. - 60 Minute Class, welcoming atmosphere - All levels welcome - Personal attention & modified moves given to each attendee based on ability - Engage mind, body and spirit as you learn to coordinate your breath with your body movements. - Alignment - Focused : we pay close attention to our movements as to not cause injury or compromise our bodies. - Perfect for the advanced or newcomer seeking a break to nurture your mind, body, and spirit - Mats & Water provided at no extra cost


Strengthen, Stretch and Tone! Focus on breathing, increasing muscle control and tone, and alignment of the body. - 60 Minute, Open Level Mat Class - Exceptional workout for all levels - You will find knowledge, skills, compassion and expertise in a comfortable environment with a supportive instructor. - Focus on concentration, purpose of exercise, and using the correct muscle activation. - Pilates Instructors also take our classes to become challenged and bring new insights back to their students. 

What Some Of Our Students Say:

"What can I say about FitEngine other than that I love them! I dance salsa on a regular basis and wanted to incorporate strength and flexibility training into my routine. I started taking Tasha's flexibility and stretch class for about a year on and off and have noticed a great improvement in my mobility. Tasha and the other instructors provide very detailed, individualized attention even in a class setting. Tasha has had a range of training (e.g. ballet, salsa, pilates, etc.) and has an impressive understanding of the human body that is clearly evident in her sessions. I am proud to say that her training has contributed to my deeper understanding of my body and how its address various kinks. If you haven't tried one of her classes, you need to do so ASAP." 

Mabel F. - Manhattan, New York

"She put you through the moves but she also took the time to explain the why and what of it all. so it made more sense. I didn't feel like I had to "measure up" to the others in the class and she was good about correcting us without making anyone feel like an idiot. </span>

I noticed a difference that same day. The burning in the backs of my thighs that has become part of my life eased up." 

"Rascall 9" , Montvale, NJ  

"Recently I managed to drag [my husband] to Cecilia's new yoga class at fitengine. The class was personal, fun and relaxed. Cecilia is so patient with everyone in the class, she takes the time to teach and correct poses for those who need some extra guidance which is helpful no matter what level you're at. At times it felt like a 1:1 yoga session! We also plan to try out the stretch class next time we head to the studio."

Amanda N. - New York, NY  

"I've taken a flexibility and stretch class with Tasha at this Pilates studio and it was just amazing. There was lots of individual attention. The instructor even saw each student separately after class was over to give homework stretches to help alleviate pain."  

Amy Y. - New York, NY 

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 Address: 19 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007 (Inside Moving Visions) 

Phone: 347-770-4348 

Email: tasha@fitegine.com