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FitEngine.com is an online service provider that provides fitness/wellness content, fitness reviews on workout classes in NYC. We are the premier resource for fitness services that spans all fitness levels including dancing classes in NYC, Pilates classes in NYC, yoga classes in NYC, fitness training in NYC and ballet classes in NYC.

Navigating the complex world of fitness programs is our specialty. Our online search feature provides personalization, relevancy and results because we have identified workout classes in NYC that enable specific fitness achievement.

Our team of instructors, athletes and writers have a passion to inform, educate and encourage individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals. Because of our expertise in fitness, body conditioning for all activities, our content can offer you guidance on how to make fitness, athletic and dance training in Manhattan work for your goals.

Do you need to improve your body and well-being? Take a class with our expert instructors who will teach you the tools and skills you need.

Book our Pilates Mat and Flexibility/Stretch classes in Tribeca, NYC.

Classes are taught in a small class environment so our expert instructors can give you the personalization and attention you need to reach your individual goals.

Classes are located in Tribeca (lower manhattan) NYC.


About Tasha Norman: Founder of FitEngine, Inc.

  • Founder and Publisher of Tendu Magazine and Fitengine Magazines
  • Member of NY Governor Patterson’s small business task force representing women business owners
  • Past President of National Association of Women Business Owners-NYC from 2007-2009
  • Producer of go-to websites (www.fitengine.com) and events including: The Wellness Indulgence Festival, Live Well Event, National Dance Week-NYC
  • Founder/Director of NYC Dance Week
  • Broadcast producer of commercials and documentaries
  • Co-director of Urban Reality an advertising and marketing strategies swat team at Y&R Inc.
  • Featured guest speaker on radio and at town halls
  • Certified Pilates instructor
  • Creator of sought after workshops and seminars on small business matters and fitness topics.
  • Chairman of the Strategic Planning committee for the Central New Jersey (N.J.) chapter of the Links Incorporated 2015-Present.

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