ALFA Case Study: Ilana

Ilana is a former dancer, athlete, gymnast, and diver who wants to get back in shape and gain flexibility to once again feel confident in the studio.

At the beginning of her fitness prescription, Ilana was managing an injury and considering physical therapy. Ilana’s ALFA advisor recommended that she try Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique taught by Jodi Moccia at Dance New Amsterdam as a way to address alignment, toning, and strengthening – without the stress of gravity or impact on her joints.

Ilana described her experience as “profound,” adding that she loves the way she feels during and after class. This experience helped Ilana realize that she was never taught how to align her body properly. She felt taken care of during class, and as a result, feels like she’s constantly aware of her body’s alignment. “It’s awesome.”




How ALFA helped Ilana…

Based on Ilana’s preferences, schedule, and previous fitness experiences, ALFA decided that Ilana would benefit from three classes per week, including such offerings as yoga, floor barre, pole, Afro Cuban, Pilates, Gyrokinesis, tap, and hip hop to help provide an exciting and effective workout in addition to Ilana’s own gym regimen. ALFA’s prescription included workouts that would encourage lean muscular toning and strengthening, increased range of motion, and efficient and safe alignment. Ilana loved the wide range of classes ALFA recommended, and has discovered a new love for classes she had never tried – until now.

In addition, ALFA provided Ilana with regular Holistic Health Care sessions to address nutritional wellness. As a result, Ilana feels more in shape and has more energy. She credits the change in routine to her success. Ilana has been able to find more ways to distract herself from her cravings and now notices them for what they are when they occur. She is cooking more and eating better, and feels she is “in a better place.”


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