Benefits of Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Yoga is nothing short of amazing. It has so many benefits that one loses count. We’re not just talking body toning and fitness here. We’re talking inner peace, mental health and believe it or not, disease and ailment cure!

Yes, there is a whole list of ailments that yoga can be used to help address! If all this does not have you already looking for a beginners yoga class we have one more! Yoga can help with pregnancy, both pre and post natal!

Over the course of this blog we are going to skim over the benefits yoga holds for both women who are pregnant as well as those who have just given birth.

Please note that there are different forms of yoga, each boasting numerous poses. Some poses are trickier and more taxing than others. Being part of a yoga class or group does not in any way bind you to perform a full flow if you are unable to. Do what you can!

Prenatal Yoga

If you do take up pre-natal yoga, a qualified and experienced instructor will likely tailor your flow to fit your body’s needs. They will also ensure that the wrong kind of stress is not placed on you hence keeping things both safe and manageable! Prenatal yoga is beneficial for the following reasons:

Body Support

Though our bodies are in a constant state of change, pregnancy amps the pace at which this happens. Prenatal yoga is adjusted to help your body adapt to these fast changes. Stress is laid on lower body strength to help you adjust to the weight you have to carry.

Toning of Key Muscle Groups

Toning key muscle groups including that of your abdomen, lower back and pelvic area help with the prenatal pains one experiences. It also helps strengthen useful muscles.

Labor Prep

One of the kickers when it comes to prenatal yoga is that exercises and poses ready your body for labor. You also connect with your body and work on internal trust. This helps you stay focused and confident on your big day!


Yoga is a mindful practice that among other things requires you to pause. We all know that mothers are already engaged in some form of communication with their unborn offspring. Yoga will give you a few moments in the day to really focus on that mother child connection!

Healthy Babies

It stands to reason that a healthy parent will have healthy offspring! A parent who maintains a regular yoga practice ensures their own health and hence that of their child.

Postnatal Yoga

It is not just before and during pregnancy that Yoga is useful. It is just as beneficial after you have delivered and have been discharged from the hospital! Here’s a lowdown on how!


If you have loosened up and lost much of your toning and strength post pregnancy, yoga is the answer. You get to re-tone muscles, recover strength and get back into shape!

pregnant woman performing yoga


Stretching helps rejuvenate parts of your body that are sore. These could be your arms and back from carrying your newborn or other parts of you that have been exerted.

Depression Control

Postpartum depression is real. Another thing that is real is the effectiveness with which yoga combats depression. Apart from endorphin release, the regular exercise routine keeps us motivated and confident in ourselves!

Practice in Patience

A useful skill when it comes to rearing children is patience. Well we all know how patience and yoga go hand in hand. Nurturing a yoga practice means you nurture patience within yourself. The more patience you nurture, the better parent you will be!


One of the less fun things about having children is you often lose your social life for a while! Joining a postnatal yoga class will likely allow you to socialize with other young mothers like yourself. This will keep you from getting too bored or lonely while you navigate the road to motherhood!


There you have it! Just a few of the many benefits a post and pre natal yoga practice could provide you with! If you’re looking for a beginner, workout or stretching yoga class in NY, we can help! Just remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re post natal, pre natal or not pregnant at all, yoga is where it’s at!

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