Big or Small, We Can Do it All: The Truth About Your Weight

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There is a completely negative stigma about big women and fitness. Especially when it comes to Yoga practice. We have these ideas in our heads that they need to be where we’re at, or, can they really handle this next pose, or, that’s very “brave” of them.

The truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that big or small we can do it all.

Just because a woman is bigger than you does not necessarily mean that she is unhealthy– believe it or not! And, just because a woman is smaller than you, does not mean that she is healthy!

There are so many other components that determine the health of a human being.

“What we’re learning is that a body that exercises regularly is generally a healthy body, whether that body is fat or thin.” This statement was made by Glenn Gaesser, PhD, who is the Professor of exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University, and the author of the book, Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health.

Gaesser goes on to say, “The message should really be that if you are exercising regularly, you shouldn’t necessarily be looking at the scale to determine how healthy or fit you are.”

What I love about this video is the “in your face” reminder that we are putting too much emphasis on weight and not nearly enough emphasis

on health and enjoyment!

Bottom line: anyone who can do what this woman can do is probably doing better, health-wise, than many of us ever realized!

I hope you enjoy this incredibly cool video as much as we did.