FitEngine’s Celebrity Workout of the Day- The Cameron Diaz Jumping Kick

FE ss_heroine_poses3Cameron Diaz got into what her trainer, Teddy Moss, called “superhero shape”. This was for her role of Lenore Case, a very fit secretary in the 2011 movie, the Green Hornet.

This workout is called the Jumping Kick.

– Put your fists in front of your chest and stand with your feet hip-width apart.

– Jump two to three feet to the right coming down on your right leg and looking like your curtsying with your left leg crossed behind you.

– Return to a standing position by kicking the left leg in front of you.

– Tap the left foot down and jump to left, landing on left leg with right leg crossed behind as if curtsying.

– Kick with right leg, then tap it down for one complete rep.

– Do twenty reps.

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 (Pic from Fitness Magazine)

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