Can You Do Pilates And Yoga On The Same Day?

Lately, fitness trends have evolved a fair bit, moving away from focusing on a single discipline, towards integrating and mixing various techniques to fit our individual needs.

Many of us who train even enjoy mixing it up a bit, e.g. a cycle with three days of gym, three days of yoga and a day off.Even professional athletes today, train in multiple disciplines using various techniques to achieve the results they desire. While searching for yoga and Pilates classes in NYC a question that often comes up is if or not yoga and Pilates can be done on the same day.

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How are they similar?

Yoga, in comparison to Pilates, is ancient and vast but if you really look into the different forms, the more common/physical forms of yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinnyasa etc.), do share a bit in common with Pilates.

Both disciplines aim to strengthen and fortify not just the body but also the mind. Both forms improve endurance as well as flexibility and help those practicing connect with a sense of inner balance and calm. Core strength plays a part in both.

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How are they different?

The first and most obvious difference is that yoga comes with a deep spiritual philosophy, Pilates is a form of exercise created and undertaken largely for that very purpose, though it is also extremely relaxing. Another difference is that yoga mainly focuses on strength, spirituality, balance and endurance, Pilates is more about body control, flexibility and toning.

Finally, Pilates is associated more with a regimental exercise discipline whereas yoga is perceived as softer and more of a life style choice. Yoga also uses a mix of standing sitting and lying poses whereas there isn’t much standing work done when practicing Pilates.

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But can we do both on the same day?!

So far, no research has been done saying we can’t.

Furthermore, a number of qualified trainers feel the two complement each other and can be practiced in alternation if not both on the same day. It is true that the two can back each other up and that one makes up for where the other lacks.

Mixing the two also allows for a sense of choice and freedom and enables at individual to attend to muscle groups they feel might be getting neglected when only practicing one or the other. Apart from one picking up where the other lacks, an article published on the FITDAY website states, “breathing techniques that are so important and prevalent in both exercise philosophies can even be integrated into your everyday life and routines which means having a stronger body and a stress free mind.”  

If you haven’t had much experience with either, you might want to start by looking into beginners Pilates and yoga classes in NYC, find your pace and if you wish to mix things up, consult a trained professional to help facilitate the process.

The human body is nothing short of amazing and as long as you maintain a healthy balance, there is little your body cannot do!

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