Dancing 30 Minutes a Day Is Effective In Weight-loss! Are You Aware of This?

Ever seen what the super-strained residents in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy resort to when stressed? They break out in an ad lib dance-off. They are all doctors, so obviously they know what a 10-second dance can do for them in terms of rejuvenating the mind and body. Dancing 30 minutes a day is surprisingly healthy, and not in just the lose-weight kind of way.


Dancing aids weight loss

When dancing to the rhythm, your body automatically responds to it, exercising your entire body. Imagine the wonders of such systematic dancing each day for 30 minutes; you can potentially burn up to 300 calories. This is almost the same number of calories you would have burnt while swimming, cycling or jogging, but who has time for that. Dancing is a good investment of your time since it is both fun and engaging. Studies also show that dance exercise routines help bring cholesterol and blood pressure to optimal levels.

To get you started, presented below are some of the best dance workouts to help you achieve your goal of weight loss.

1.      Zumba

A form of swift dance which promises to make your body flexible and toned, Zumba is one of the most popular and accepted dance workout to help you lose fat fast. When accompanied with the right diet, it helps lose weight in no time. A 30-minute session will help improve your blood circulation, coordination, heart rate and stamina. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to perform this workout either.

2.      Belly Dance

Belly dancing is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat.

Originating in the middle east, the rhythmic pelvic movements and sultry belly swiveling on melodious songs not only make for a visual treat but also shapes you up in a sensuous and fun way. Belly dancing is known to build up abdominal muscles, relieve back pain, and help you lose fat. Add to that the lengthening and strengthening of your entire spinal column. So expose your midriff, respond to the beats, and sweat it out in style! People call it dirty dancing at its best.


3.      Pole dance

Ever wondered what fitness workout a pole can offer? Many. Pole dancing, often misconstrued as “not for everyone”, improves body posture and flexibility, tones the lower body muscles, and releases the “happy” endorphins in your bodies, keeping its doers energetic and in-the-moment. The elated feeling of just letting all of your inhibitions go while dancing around a pole in high heels is very liberating.

4.      Bhangra

Lastly, one of the most effective and fun ways to lose weight is to let your hips do the hearing and just bhangra on traditional Bollywood steps. Bhangra mix workouts have gained acceptance worldwide since they are peppy and get the job done. These physically draining regimes claim to burn about 500 calories in one session. So what’s the wait for? It is time to make some new Punjabi Indian friends and hope that they get married soon so that you can experience the thrill of the dance and their never-ending energy. Jokes apart, bhangra workouts can be easily adopted in your daily routines and a 30-minute session every day will tone up your body just fine!

DIY Dance

If you can’t do all this on your own, we say you join a studio. Turn up the volume and lose yourself to the beat; shake off that excess body fat and groove your way to perfection. Join in to twist, turn, skip and jump until you have your heart popping.

If all this excites you, find information about your nearest dance classes at FitEngine or start your own DIY, impromptu dance workout with help from our experts.