Enjoying a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday most looked forward to for stuffing your face, but when you’re trying to get fit and stay healthy, the holidays can easily bring your progress to a screeching halt.  Don’t worry! You don’t have to give up your turkey dinner.  Here are a few tricks to staying happy and healthy on Turkey-Day.

First, make sure to get your metabolism jump started with a small, yet satisfying breakfast.  This helps rev up your appetite and get your tummy ready to digest, digest, digest.
Second, you’ll want to do some light exercise to further boost your body’s ability to burn off all the food it’s going to be taking in.  Steal some time away from the family and take a jog around the block.
The third trick to a healthy Thanksgiving is tweaking your meals to better suit your diet.  This doesn’t mean take away all the delicious foods.  It just means that no one will know the difference between full chicken broth and low-sodium chicken broth, so why waste the calories on tradition.  Serving healthy appetizers will not only keep your snacking light, but it will put your guests in the mood for a healthier dinner.
Finally, there is a tip that is best left up to you as the individual as to whether or not to implement it.  Lay off the cocktails and wine! It’s the one thing you won’t want to do when you’re bustling around the kitchen and trying to entertain guests all at once. But this is a sure way to keep some of those holiday calories away.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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