Fitengine.com is a personalized workout/fitness class search service that matches workouts and classes to personalized criteria based on results, goals, length of time to success, engagement levels and more. We are all about finding solutions.

Many sites can select classes and trainers based on categories but our approach goes beyond the traditional. We evaluate the workout and classes, engagement levels and instructors for a successful match.

Individuals seeking one-on-one consultation can speak with our ALFA team who will recommend fitness connections, whether it is a fitness conditioning class, massage/bodywork services, dance classes, private trainers and more.

We developed Fitengine.com as a response to the common question “Can someone help me find the right workout?” We talk to former athletes, dancers and fitness enthusiasts daily. In fact, our team is comprised of former athletes, dancers and fitness enthusiasts—we all talk about which workouts work and why or why not. We are a wealth of knowledge that only years of taking classes and being entrenched in the workout world at the elite level can provide. Getting insight and recommendations from our advisors and reporters is tapping into a solutions and information resource unmatched by any other service.

Like eHarmony for fitness, our search feature is personalized. We ask for specific information about your goals and interests. Our expertise is determining the type of class that will meet your needs and making the best recommendation.

To search for classes, please go to the home page and go to the class search section.

Select CLASS TYPE. Click NEXT. You have the option to narrow down the search to a specific class type (use the arrows on left and right to see all), a NY borough and time frame or you can continue to click NEXT and submit for your results.

The ADVANCED search allows you to select a few more options; however, you may have to go back and try a few combinations to really narrow down your search.

We also offer the Fitness Concierge Service as an additional resource to selecting workouts and recommendations.

Call us at 888-610-4756 and schedule an appointment with an advisor for a free consultation. See Details Here

Based on the consultation, your advisor will prepare a fitness prescription prioritizing the most important needs and goals discussed with you.

Your advisor will work with you for the duration of your plan and make adjustments to your fitness prescription based on your progress.

You will have to retake the quiz. Your search results will change based on the new information.

Fitengine is the producer of NYC Dance Week, formerly National Dance Week-NYC.

This is easy! Just email or call us.

Please note: not all classes or studios are added to the site. We will review the information you provide and decide if we will send reporters to take classes before setting up a formal recommendation. This means we may send people to take class at will to evaluate.

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