FitEngine- Six Calorie Counting Tips

FE Cosmo dreamstimeThis is the third in series of five on weight loss between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can find the other two at:

Ok, now that you have everything set up, it’s just a matter of counting the calories you consume and subtracting what you burn off with exercise.

Six tips

–          It has been said that people tend to undercount calories consumed and over count calories burned through exercise. Just do the best you can. Be as accurate as possible. You can do this by checking a couple of calorie burning sources. If they results are different, then average them out. You’ll get close enough.

–          Round up or down using 0s or 5s to make it easier to add.

–          Write down everything. This is tough. Let’s say you turned the computer off and then decide to have a midnight snack. However, you do not enter it in the log. You have to add the calories in the next day. So, if you grab 10 Ritz crackers on a whim, make sure you note it.

–          Weigh yourself whenever you want to but do it at the same time of the day, each time, if possible.

–          Assimilate this process into your daily routine like brushing your teeth and it will be easier to do.

–          Count alcohol. You might be surprised how many calories are in that wine spritzer or cosmopolitan. Add the calories to the totals.

One of the great things about this is that you can really eat anything you want as long as the calories are counted correctly and you know what your daily goal is. Done right, calorie counting will work for you. No doubt about it.

Monday, the 30th- Some calorie counting entries.

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