FitEngine’s Celebrity Workout of the Day- Donovan Green and Ben Booker

FE 7 Minute workoutAs mentioned in yesterday’s post, one of the new apps for this year is the Hot5 which features a group of five minute workouts. This trend of short, rather intense workouts continues with the 7-minute workout used by Donovan —personal trainer to Dr. Oz.

Green teamed up with Body Space spokesperson, Ben Booker, to develop high density, short duration workouts designed to achieve optimal results in minimum time.

The core of this program is based on recent scientific findings that suggest it is beneficial to use your body weight in short workouts. The science behind this says that intensity is what causes the body to transition from an aerobic to an anabolic state. While promoting bone density and muscle growth, the anabolic state is what provides that hormonal, feel good boost.

While it is intense, the compound exercises in Green and Booker’s program are completed at a safe pace. The sessions burn fat, build muscle, jump start your metabolism and traverse the areas of body sculpting, core and ab training in just 7 minutes.

Booker and Green are offering their workouts for free at one workout per day at

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