FitEngine’s Celebrity Workout of the Day- Madonna

FE MadonnaThe slogan of the 55-year old entertainer Hard Candy Fitness global gym chain is “Harder is Better”. That is certainly the truth about this sculpting chair routine that Madonna allegedly does herself to get the “lean, toned feminine silhouette that she loves.”

Created with her trainer, Nicole Winhofer, this exercise targets the butt and legs.

Lunge Back With Side Kick

–        Place both feet on center of chair seat, stand up and bend over.

–        Grip the chair back with both hands.

–        Lower your left foot to the floor while keeping your right knee bent with your foot on seat.

–        Bring left foot up onto the seat again and shift your weight to the left.

–        Extend your right leg straight out to the side keeping it level with the hip and pointing the toes forward.

–        Bring you right foot back to seat and repeat.

–        Do 32 reps

–        Then switch legs (step down with right foot and extend left leg out to side) and repeat.

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