FitEngine’s Celebrity Workouts- Rihanna, Snooki and Zooey

FE rihanna-snooki-lgRihanna and Snooki keep fit and have slimmed down by working out with a variety of dance workouts says Dancing with the Stars pro, Karina Smirnoff.

One reason dancing is good is that it does burn calories. For example, the waltz and foxtrot burn about 329 calories per hour while hip-hop moves can easily burn off 400 calories in the same time frame.

Smirnoff also suggests that hour long salsa classes six-times weekly can melt up to even 500 calories per session!

Some of these high-energy routines include:

– 2FKY: This 45-minute class burns about 500 calories at Crunch gym.

– Dancinerate: Rihanna does this exercise which tones the legs and butt using jazz and hip-hop steps. Up to 700 calories can be burned off in an hour at this class at Equinox.

–  Zumba Senato: Snooki worked out in this Latin class and reportedly lost 42 pounds with it. (

–  Ballet Beautiful: These hour long ballet sessions have helped Zooey Deschanel sculpt her muscles into fine shape. (at

These four workouts have the potential for some serious calorie burning that could help keep you trim this holiday season!

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