FitEngine’s Fitness App of the Day- Five for Holiday Gift Giving!

FE ZombieRun-102012-0154-1024x682If you’re looking to assist one of the people on your Christmas list or even seeking to give yourself a boost in 2014, these five fitness related apps are considered among the best:

Zombie Run: This one extracts the best pieces of a zombie movie and interweaves them into an app. It promises not only to make your daily workout a little more interesting, but it may just terrify you into completing your goals! (iPhone, Android, iPad)

Weight Watchers: This mobile app for android will help you make smart food choices no matter where you are. It works with the new Weight Watchers 360 program.

Nike +: You can track your distance, time and speed while you run. It you need a musical adrenaline boost, you can create and listen to a playlist of your favorite energy inspiring tunes. (iPhone, Android, iPad)

5K Runner: Geared toward those who want to run up to 5K, this app provides access to a planned routine. It alternates between running, walking and jogging. If you follow its proscribed plan, you could be running 5Ks in 8 weeks. (iPhone, Android, iPad)

ProFitness Ireland: ProFitness Gym uses a personal training approach to specialize in weight loss and body changes. Including nutritional advice, this app helps you achieve the results your seeking in just 6 weeks. (iPhone, Android, iPad)

No matter how slick these apps get, it still takes a lot of motivation to make body changes. Apps like this, though, can ease the transition a little bit.

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