FitEngine’s Fitness Apps of the Day

There are workout apps for everything and fitness is not excluded from this portable technology. They include everything from calorie counters to yoga poses to the Paleo Diet.  Many are designed to make users aware of their daily habits.

Two that caught our eye are Fitbit and Lark Pro:


Fitbit is a wearable activity tracker that sells for about $99. It’s small, lightweight and clips onto your clothing somewhere near your torso. It does the following:

  • Tracks the number of steps you take each day
  • Lets you know how many hours you sleep each night
  • Helps you see how many calories you’re burning each day

User activity is displayed in a personal analytics module that’s linked to your Fitbit account which is set up via a USB dongle. It can also be viewed using the Bluetooth radio functionality.

Your activity is displayed in graphs, food, related calorie intake and other data like blood pressure and your mood.

FE lark-new-productLark Pro

Lark began its life as a sleep-monitoring gadget. However, it recently expanded to include the entire wellness market. The app now combines a day and nighttime wristband and iOS app. This allows it to track basic fitness data, food eaten, sleep logged, calories burned, distance traveled and much more.

According to the Lark CEO, many insomniacs noticed improvements after using Lark Pro for just one month.

FitEngine does not endorse any apps. We’re just making you aware of the some of the latest trends in the fitness field which include apps.

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