FitEngine’s Fitness Tip of the Day- Standing

FE stand-up-deskIt was with great interest that we read a piece from Yahoo Shine that suggested that if we did just this one activity, we would burn an extra 30,000 calories every year (or about 115 calories per weekday). The activity is:

Standing for three hours each week day instead of sitting!

This comes via a small study from the University of Chester and the BBC (seems like those Brits are always on the prowl for ways to lose lbs!).

In the study, volunteers stood for at least three hours on some days. They wore the appropriate monitoring devices which compared their vitals to how they measured on sitting days. The results were that the heart rate stayed higher on standing days translating to a bigger calorie burn.

Also, the blood glucose levels of the participants got back to normal faster after they ate.

You can use standing and even treadmill desks to stay on your feet.

It seems like a good tip but boy, can that couch be hard to resist at the end of a hard day!

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