Five Reasons Why You Should Be Walking



Walking not only burns about 75% of the same calories running does, but it provides some of the same benefits as high intensity exercise at an intensity you can handle at any age.



Here are the top 5 benefits of walking:


Get Slim without the Gym – Walking is something you can do almost anywhere. Unlike running, you can look natural doing it, while still getting the workout you need. Walking in a park or even through the mall provides excellent exercise without a costly gym membership.

More Steps Relieve Stress – It takes the effort of your whole body in order to walk. The more your body moves, the more it relieves build up stress and the more likely your body is to fight depression and anxiety.

Lowers Chances of Diabetes – Just 30 minutes of walking per day makes your muscles more responsive to insulin, allowing your body to maintain a healthy balance of chemicals in your bloodstream and lessening your chances of developing diabetes.

Reduces Blood Pressure and Bad Cholesterol – One of the number one killers today is high blood pressure, leading to heart attacks, strokes and other fatal complications. Walking regularly reduces your chance of a heart attack or stroke and promotes healthy cholesterol, helping the body eliminate harmful cholesterol.

Provides Much Needed Brainpower – Studies show that physical activity can help nourish your brain and prevent memory loss in old age by stimulating the production of synapses, neurons, and blood vessels.


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