Foods that Melt Fat (and why!)

You wouldn’t think eating more would lead to weight loss, but actually, eating more of certain foods can help trim the flab and kick that spare tire! While regular exercise and a healthy diet are the foundations to getting fit, there are foods that contain specific chemicals to help burn away calories and minimize hunger pains.

Add these to your grocery list to kick up your diet and melt that fat away:


Greek and Low Fat Yogurt contains probiotics, or “healthy bacteria,” which research shows helps limit fat absorption, but also contains 20% or more of your daily value of calcium, which reduces production of a hormone called cortisol, which encourages belly-fat.

• Eggs, particularly the whites, is an amazing source of protein (There are 11 grams just in the whites), and it contains the nutrient choline, which helps block fat absorption.

• Fish is ripe with omega-3 fatty acids, and even though it has “fatty” in the name, it actually modifies the expression of particular genes, making your body burn fat instead of storing it. Plus it’s full of protein!

• Chicken and Turkey is made up of white meat and lean protein. Lean protein is also metabolizing protein, so a little bit of poultry goes a long way in kicking up your metabolism even hours after you’ve eaten it.

• An Apple a Day, or actually before meals, can keep your body from absorbing empty calories and prevent the intake of fat.

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