FitEngine’s App of the Month- Gym Tuck

FE Gym Tuckitunes apple storeJust in time for the holidays, a new app called “Gym Tuck” made its debut last month. Tuck means exercise in this iPhone and iPad application created by fitness expert Joshua Lipsey. The app has 500+ body weight tucks that targets problems areas (butt, stomach, love handles, etc.) as opposed to muscles.

Once the user chooses a “procedure” s/he has the ability to bet on their performance while using the app to get to the Threshold Zone which refers to how long the exerciser can hold a tuck for. This is called BOYTAM (Bet On Yourself To Achieve More).

The app has been created for beginners and advanced fitness users as well as those who travel a lot or do not have a much time to devote to workouts. Its components address muscular strength, core strength, stabilization, dynamic conditioning, balance and coordination.

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