FitEngine’s Celebrity Workout of the Day- Heather Morris

These three moves are part of the workout routine of Glee’s, Heather Morris. She uses them as part of an all-purpose diet and fitness regimen.

FE Cat's CurtsyThe Cat’s Curtsy

This targets the shoulders, arms, abs, butt, hips, and legs:

–  Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart keeping your  arms by your sides.

–  Turn your toes out slightly.

–  Cross your right leg behind your left.

–  Step with  your right foot on the left side.

–  Lift your arms out to sides at shoulder height with your palms facing forward.

–  Bend your knees into a curtsy while hinging slightly forward from hips.

–  Bring your right forearm in front of chest, palm in.

To have an easier time of it, bend your knees only 45 degrees.


Jenga Jump

FE Jenga Jump This targets the shoulders, arms, abs, and legs.

–  Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

–  Bend your elbows 90 degrees behind you keeping your fists by your hips.

–  Lunge backward with left leg.

–  Bend both knees about 45 degrees and you bring right forearm in front of your forehead with the palm facing forward (as if you were going to block someone).

Go here for the rest of Heather’s moves:

(Pics from Fitness Magazine)

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