How to Find a Yoga Instructor

So you want to start limbering up your muscles and getting a little more in shape? Yoga is a good way to do that, but it could be a little difficult finding a way to start this type of fitness. There are plenty of DVDs to teach you the exercises, but none of them compare to the type of workout you’ll get if you have a live instructor there with you. Yoga is something that needs to be learned, and an instructor is much more likely to teach you the skills you need to succeed than a workout tape.

It’s easy to find an instructor once you know where to look, and chances are there are a few perfect places from the comfort of your own home. If you have a computer with Internet access, you’ve got your first and what should be your primary source in your search for a yoga instructor. Start with a general yoga studio search and include your zip code, or if you search on you can search also search by your fitness level to find classes that match your current level – beginner, intermediate, advanced. Other sources include your local or community newspaper, and word of mouth.

The Internet is a spectacular web of information, and yoga instructors are very much a part of it. One great website that is sure to find you some of the best instructors in your area is This website has a database of only the best in certified yoga instructors. Everyone mentioned on this website has at least 2 years of experience training yoga and most likely makes a living out of teaching it. Just type your city in the search engine and a moment later you’ll be getting a list of possibilities. Other websites provide similar services.

If the Internet isn’t something you’re all too comfortable with in terms of performing a search or giving out any of your information, your next best bet in finding a yoga instructor is to look in your local community newspaper or flip through the pages of your local yellow pages – if you still receive a yellow pages book. Just look under the section titled Yoga and there will be a subsection for instructors or studios. These will, of course, all be in your area, and after called a few places you should be able to easily find an instructor that is perfect for you.

Once you have found a yoga studio, you are one step closer to realizing your dream of perfecting your body through the art of yoga. Work wonders with this amazing fitness routine and begin seeing changes in your body and life in no time.


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