How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel


Can you stay on track while traveling?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us are planning on travelling during this holiday season.  When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, sometimes it’s hard to keep it up while on vacation.  But there are some tips and tricks to staying fit and keeping up with both your diet and exercise routine.


Here are our tips to stick with your healthy routine:


Plan Ahead  –  It’s good practice to have at least one cheat day during the week.  Think about your trip and decide how you should eat the week prior to your departure date.  Save your cheat day for a night you know you’ll be having a fancy dinner or one when you’ll most likely be indulging.


Find the Gym  –  Most hotels or cruise lines have a healthy and fitness facility.  Many times, these amenities will be nicer than the ones you have at home.  So plan an hour to yourself when you can disappear and get your workout in.


Eat Wisely  –  Although you’ve saved your cheat day for your travels, there are still plenty of other meals in which you shouldn’t cheat.  But just as you do at home, find some healthy options to enjoy when you stop in at that French boutique restaurant or San Francisco café . The enjoyment of eating in new areas of the world is what makes travel eating fun.  Your food doesn’t necessarily have to be loaded with fat and grease to be yummy and new! 


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