How to Track Calories, Links and Diet Trends

You will need a few reference points to properly lose weight by calorie counting- a starting point, a scale, an exercise calorie counter and the internet.

There are several online calculators that will help your figure out roughly the number of calories you can eat in a day to maintain (very roughly, it’s 1,500 for women and 2,000 for men). One calculator is at: You want your total calories consumed to be below this figure every day.

To weigh food, you might use a small postal calculator like this: (You can also weight packages on it!). You can also get a food weighing scale.

Most doctors will say that diet and exercise will help you lose. Note that diet comes first. In fact, a doctor once suggested that one could eat just 1000 calories worth of Snickers bars (about 4 bars) each day or drink two bottles of wine (about 1200 to1400 calories) every day and consume nothing else  and the weight loss would come—(along with many other issues including feeling lousy each day.) It’s calories in, calories out.

Use exercises to strengthen your body parts and minus the calories from the total you have eaten. A good calorie spent calculator for several exercises can be found at:

To find the calories in what you eat, do the following:

–          Check labels

–          Get a calorie counting app

–          Do a Google Search

–          Use a scaleFE food scale

You’ll find that you tend to eat similar foods each day so you will remember calories for those foods.

Now you have all you need to log your calories consumed each day.

Tomorrow- calorie counting tips

Note: This approach will work but if you would like to review the fads including the cotton ball and the air diets, check out this link:–abc-news-topstories.html

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