Interested in Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

From student to teacher 

If you truly enjoy every aspect of yoga and feel as though no challenge is too hard, you might want to consider moving on from student to teacher. Of course, no one ever stops learning, but sharing your joy for yoga can be very rewarding on many levels. One of the aspects of yoga is “service” and by teaching yoga to others, you are partaking in service. 

Teaching yoga is also a great way in which you can more deeply understand your own practice. Students will undoubtedly approach you with questions you have never considered or viewpoints you could not see before becoming a teacher. As a teacher, you routinely go over the basics as well, meaning that they will never be far from your mind when you are doing your own routine of more difficult poses.

If you become a yoga instructor, you also have the opportunity to make some extra money. Teaching yoga is a great job for those seeking part-time work or a career change. The extra money can be used to purchase more yoga-related tools, such as better mats, advanced props like ropes and slings, and the latest yoga books and videos. With the extra money you earn from yoga, you may also be able to quit your normal job or decrease your hours, which further reduces the stress in your life.

Becoming a yoga teacher is not an easy undertaking. First, you must thoroughly study yoga as a student, because as a teacher your skill level and knowledge will need to be very high. Because of the nature of yoga, there are not international guidelines for certification of yoga instructors. However, there are schools in place that offer certification. Research these programs to make sure you will get the best instruction possible and be an accredited teacher at the end of the training. 

There are other things involved with becoming a yoga teacher than simply knowing how to perform the poses. You must also be instructed in teaching the methods so that you can best serve your students. It is important too to learn business management, even if you plan on being an instructor at a yoga studio, yoga instructors can essentially own their own businesses. Business matters such as attracting customers, doing taxes, and knowing liability laws can be difficult, and classes on these matters can help ensure that they are not too frustrating. Another option is hiring a business manager to do this part for you so you can focus purely on teaching. 

When you teach yoga, you share a piece of yourself with others. Begin with a small business, doing a single class or privately instructing a single student and work up to doing more advanced and a higher number of classes. Consider teaching if you feel you have something more to share with the yoga world. 

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