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Summer Solstice, Mind Over Madness, Bikram in Times Square, NYC

Event description: The Times Square Alliance has introduced a counterpoint to New Year’s Eve with “Solstice in Times Square”, celebrating the summer solstice (the longest day of the year). Throughout history, many cultures have associated the summer solstice with a renewal of mind, body and spirit and a celebration of creative expression – of art, music and the sense of joyfulness and fun that the sunshine evokes in all of us. And what better place to celebrate than in Times Square – for the past hundred years, America’s center for creativity, energy, bright lights and over-the-top artistic expression.

Class Description: A beginner/intermediate level class that includes basic postures with the option to go deeper. Poses are held for a moderate length of time to create awareness in the mind and body. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are introduced. Appropriate for those who have done yoga before.

Class description: Is just that, open to all. While designed for experienced yoga students, we have chosen not to use “levels” because we feel that we are all beginners in some aspect of our practice and advanced in other areas. The Progressive Vinyasa method of sequencing we use at Sankalpah Yoga enables us to take a varied group of students to their own personal edge in their practice without holding anyone back. (It is recommended that students have at least 6 months of asana practice before attending an OPEN class).

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