Is your core weak. Here’s why.

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The function of the outermost abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis and your transverse abdominis, a deeper muscle group) are to support your back and your organs. When this support system is weakened it causes low back pain and the “pouch tummy ” or “guy gut” which is actually your internal organs falling forward against the connective tissue, (called Linea Alba), causing the abdomen to protrude.

Your (abdominal wall) rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis muscles go from your breast bone, (which is why half curls in Pilates are important), and ends at your pubic bone, (which is why toe taps are important). To get tight abs you must work both upper and lower fibers of the abdominal wall aka the entire range of the muscle group (see graphic).

So what to do…Let’s zip up the abs by doing Pilates.

Pilates exercises works by focusing on the sustained engagement of the entire abdominal wall. With your Pilates practice and an expert instructor you will notice the difference after a few sessions and get the tighter and toned abs that you want.

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