FitEngine’s Fitness App of the Day- Kettlebell F.I.T app

FE Kettlebell Dragon_Door_Kettlebells_in_Three_SizesWhat, you don’t know what a kettlebell is? Well a young fitness entrepreneur named Matthew Mosebar does. It’s is a cast-iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. It’s used to do exercises that combine strength and flexibility training and dates back to the 1700s.

Training with kettlebells boosts cardiovascular endurance, increases the flexibility/range of motion and develops lean muscle tissue which helps accelerate metabolism.

The Kettlebell F.I.T. (Finctionally Inspired Training) iPhone app comes with four skill levels designed for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and “F.I.T.” users. There are three workout time frames to select from, a beat-sync technology that matches the music tempo to the workout and more than 225 unique exercises on the app.

Each exercise includes a video, coaching points and audio guidance. One kettlebell is all that is needed to use the interactive, customizable app effectively.

FE KettleballFor more information on this unique workout, visit www.mosebarfit. com.

Sometimes a little change is all that you need to spur you on to greater workout heights!

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