Know Your Facts: 3 Pilates Myths Busted

Many exercise regimens become popular, but very few are able to hold on to their fame and avoid fading into oblivion. Pilates is one form of exercise that isn’t just favored by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and several seven foot tall professional basket ball players, but is also the favored exercise among the masses. Why is Pilates so popular?

It’s considered to be a full body workout and excellent way to lose weight, which is why it isn’t surprising that FitEngine reports a majority in searches for Pilates classes in NYC. But is Pilates all that it’s cracked up to be? The following are some myths about this form of exercise that people largely believe in and which FitEngine wants you not to.

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Myth 1: Pilates Is A Good Way to Lose Weight

We don’t mean to say that Pilates doesn’t help with weight-loss. Pilates is responsible for helping women and men lose weight, but not directly. There’s a reason why people in sports prefer Pilates to any other core strengthening exercise, as Pilates helps to improve flexibility while strengthening the core and simultaneously reducing risk of injury. In other words, Pilates can help you stay in the game for longer when working out. However, if you are severely overweight or are looking for a quick way to lose weight, Pilates is not the best option for you.

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Myth 2: Pilates Is Only For Women

Pilates does a splendid job of strengthening the lower abdominal and pelvic muscles (which are important for childbearing). This form of workout also doesn’t involve use of heavy steel, grunting or large amounts of weight to be picked up, which is why Pilates is wrongly perceived as a ‘women’s only’ physical activity. In truth, Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates (a man) whom the exercise is named after. A number of famous male athletes and action stars are also known to use this exercise including LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Hugh Grant, and Tim McGraw to maintain their core strength, function and flexibility.

Myth 3: You Need Special Machines for Pilates

You’ll have to choose from two types of workouts if deciding to take Pilates classes for beginners. The first type uses strange looking apparatuses (springs, pulleys, bars, straps, etc.) to aid in the routine.

The other type of a Pilates exercise routine is done on the floor; with only a mat (sometimes equipment is used but minimally). The basic principles and fundamental exercise movements are then incorporated into an easy-to-do-and-follow mat exercise program.

It’s a good thing to know everything there’s about a fitness workout or exercise regimen, because in the end, not every type of exercise may be ideal for your body. If you haven’t tried this glorious core strengthening exercise yet, may be signing up for some Pilate’s classes for beginners is a good option for you.