Lose Weight In A Fun And Engaging Way – Hip Hop Dance Workout Classes To The Rescue!

Gone are the days when people toiled for hours on exercise machines in order to get a slim and physically fit body. Now, gyms and recreation centers throughout New York City offer workouts that feature fun and engaging ways to get slim and smart! According to your level and requirement, FitEngine can help find the best exercises and workouts in Pilates, stretching, flexibility – and hip hop!

in particular are becoming popular due to their fat burning capability which is surprising considering that previously this form of dance was used primarily for entertainment purposes. So, what are the reasons this form of dance is gracing the gyms and workout mats of New York City?


Hip Hop Is Primarily an Aerobic Activity

Mainly the same as an aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, taking part in hip hop dancing can cause sweat to break out and an elevated heart rate (which are the two aims of any exercise). Fitness experts reiterate the importance of any aerobic activity in helping with endurance which is why hip hop provides the same benefit to dancers and people who choose this form of dance as exercise.

Hip Hop Helps with Calorie Burning; a Lot

This form of dance holds the same value as a high impact aerobic exercise. This means dancing for an hour will burn about 330 calories for a 120-lb person (or 480 for 154-lbs). In fact, hip hop dancers tend to lose more weight as opposed to their counterparts provided the exercise is conducted at full intensity. In addition to this, hip hop dancing is an excellent way to increase stamina and improve blood circulation.

Exercise Recommendations from FitEngine’s Experts

Typically, at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate intense physical activity (per week) is recommended; however, if hip hop dancing is your chosen workout, a full intensity session of about 1 hour and 15 minutes every week is enough to ensure you reach your fitness goals, gradually. This is due to the vigorous aerobic activity pertaining to hip hop dancing. One way to tell whether the exercise is too easy or challenging on you is by striking a conversation with your neighbor. If you fail to do so, then you’re participating in a vigorous and intense exercise.

Exercising before certainly didn’t seem fun; but with hip hop, you can break in a sweat, lose weight while having fun in the process. If this isn’t motivation, then we don’t know what is!

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