Losing Weight by New Year’s Eve, The Most Important Step

FE Weight lossSo you wake up after the Christmas and Christmas Eve festivities are feeling a little…well… stuffed. Dare you step on the scale?

You do.

It’s not good.

However, the issue is that you have a New Year’s Eve outfit that you can barely get into. How can you slim down just enough to wear those killer clothes and party hardy, Marti,on the last, glorious day of 2013?

For the next four days, from the 26th through the morning of the 31st, we will post a plan that will allow you, should you decide to follow it, lose enough of those unwanted lbs by New Year’s Eve.

Step One-

Get out a word doc, an excel spreadsheet or even the trusty spiral notebook and pen and prepare to write down each meal you have along with corresponding calories.

It might look like this-

Breakfast- 3 bacons 120, 2 eggs 140, cheese 110, tortilla. 75: 445

Lunch- 6 ounces chicken 240, tomates 30, dressing, 140, croutons, 60: 470

Dinner- 1 cup of soup 100, sandwich 300: 400

Total- 1,315

There is nothing more important to losing weight quickly (or even over a longer period of time) than keeping track of your meals—nothing.

Thursday- How to Count Calories.

Merry Christmas from the FitEngine family to you and yours!

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(Pic from the gluten free chef)

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