New Year Resolutions and Results

FE Catch my PartyHere are two years’ worth of resolutions and their results from an anonymous source. 2014 pending…

2014 Goals-TBD

2013 Goals and results

Lose 60 pounds (again) really change lifestyle-no, lost 30

Buy a new wardrobe- yes

Publish book- yes

Earn 80k- no

Be upbeat, healthy and happy- not as much as I should

Really, really enjoy summer and boating -yes

Serenity now- most of the time

2012 Goals-

Lose 70 lbs- no

Get a boat- yes

Finish book- yes

Make 200k combined- no made about 112k

Get two kittens- got one

Handle anything that occurs with dignity and grace- think and hope so

A lot of boating- not as much as would like

Good luck with your resolutions!

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