Not Stretching Enough? Give This ‘Netflix and Stretch’ Routine A Try

Not Stretching Enough? Give This ‘Netflix and Stretch’ Routine A Try

We won’t judge if you plop down on the couch after a long and tough day of work and catch up on all your favorite shows.

We do advise, however, that it’s a good idea to stretch the taut and stress-laden back and shoulder muscles after a day of being hunched over a computer at your desk, which isn’t exactly healthy for your spine. There are so many stretch exercises that can be done while sitting in front of the TV. The following Torso Rotation is just one.

Rejuvenate Your Muscles with This Routine

When you’re knee-deep in House of Cards, opt for easy slow moving and minimal range dynamic stretches that ease the body into movement gently. These poses lengthen muscles and increase flexibility in tissue very easily.

So, are you ready to Netflix and stretch? Here is a basic spine/back stretch to get you going and increase range of motion in the body;

Torso Rotations

This will target the core and lower back.

Not as popular as crunches, torso rotation exercises nonetheless make an integral part of a complete abdominal fitness routine.

This stretching exercise involves rotating the torso along the spine axis and can be performed in a sitting, standing or in a lying position.

Start by engaging your abdominal muscles, exhale and rotate your waist to one side. Hips should remain facing forward (they can move slightly though). Rotate the head, torso and chest as one unit and take a pause. After the count, inhale and return slowly to your forward facing position. Repeat the exercise 5-8 more times then change sides.  Go slow and easy and don’t swing the torso into rotation.

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