NYC Dance Week Now Offers Weekly Dance Classes.

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NYC Dance Week Now Offers Weekly Dance Classes

New York, NY:  With Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) closing, NYC Dance Week has partnered with former DNA instructors to relocate their thriving dance classes to other NYC studios and locations.

NYC Dance Week is the brainchild of Tasha Norman who also founded

“When I heard about DNA (formerly Dance Space Center), it broke my heart,” says Norman who is also a former dancer and athlete. “DNA was my studio of choice to help me get back to dance after a series of health challenges. The compassion and skills of their Simonson, ballet and Pilates instructors helped me to heal and regain strength after foot and back surgery.”

This is a strong commitment by NYC Dance Week and founding sponsor FitEngine, to keep dance alive and exuberant throughout New York City by helping the instructors during this transition. NYC Dance Week is also donating money to help pay for a portion of studio time and are seeking additional partners in this endeavor.

“In addition to helping me personally, DNA was one of the first organizations to partner with us when NYC Dance Week was launched in 2005. So, I was determined to find a way to give back to the instructors that gave so much to me,” says Norman.

About NYC Dance Week

NYC Dance Week is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to promote diversity of dance in the City of New York. The organization provides free dance and fitness lessons to the community by partnering with local dance and fitness studios during NYC Dance Week. They also offer performance/showcase opportunities for emerging dance entities.

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About FitEngine

Founded by Tasha Norman in 2001, is the leading provider of insider information on fitness classes and workouts in New York City. Ms. Norman and FitEngine also created and launched NYC Dance Week in 2005.

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