Party Tips: Part 1

–  Eat before you go. Have something filling, like a cup of soup or a hearty greens salad with your protein of choice to avoid stuffing your face once you walk in.

-Wear something form fitting, not too tight or revealing, but something snug so you’ll notice more quickly when you’ve reached your indulgence limit.

–  Stick to one, maybe two, cocktails. You want to enjoy yourself without going past your limit, especially if you’re in front of your boss. A couple of wise options: 6oz glass of red wine (150 calories plus heart-healthy antioxidants); a light beer for about 100 calories; clear liquor, like vodka or gin, mixed with club soda and a lime wedge for about 125 calories.

–  Opt for the small appetizer plate and don’t head back for seconds. If you’re faced with a bigger plate, divide it up so that half is fresh veggies or fruit, a quarter on fat like cheese, a quarter on carbs like crackers. Have one small sweet, like a bite size brownie or cookie.

–  Get in some exercise earlier in the day so you feel energized and strong. It will put you in a health conscious mindset so you’ll be more likely to make healthy choices.


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