Party Tips: Part 2

Here are some tried and true party staples that won’t cause a Buddha belly:

–  When faced with the cheese platter, opt for Mozzarella cheese. It has more protein and less fat than most varieties and sports 85 calories per ounce.

–  Hummus, 2 Tablespoons for 60 calories, packs lots of fiber and protein. Make an even smarter choice by pairing it with fresh, raw veggies rather than pita chips for added fiber and less calories.

–  If you’ve got a variety of dips to choose from, pick the salsa. The main ingredients-tomatoes, peppers and lime- are all packed with vitamins A and C, fiber and are low-calorie. Just limit the amount of chips, even if they’re baked, to one small handful, or about 10 chips.

–  Shrimp cocktail is a great choice because it’s pure protein and minimal fat and is loaded with zinc. Just limit yourself when it comes to the cocktail sauce, it can be loaded with added sugar. Try dipping them in the salsa instead.

–  Enjoy something seasonal that you would consider a rare treat. If you see a bowl of red and green M&Ms keep on walking, they’re the same ones you get in the brown bag! If it’s something you don’t get to indulge in the rest of the year, like apple cider, eggnog or pumpkin pie, have some. Savor it, smile and let those childhood memories flood back.


Here are some foods to avoid:

–  Spinach and artichoke dip: Spinach and artichokes are great, healthy veggies, but once you add in cream cheese, sour cream and sometimes even mayonnaise, you’re up to 220 calories and 22 grams of fat in one ¼ cup serving. And that’s before the tortilla chips: add in five of those and you’re up to 307!

–  Pigs in a blanket: Sure they look cute, but these little dogs have about 5 grams of fat and 70 calories a piece. Doesn’t sound so bad at first, but who can have just one? The average person has at least three, and if you’ve already visited the bar, you’re likely up to 350 calories!

–  Mixed Nuts: Yes nuts are good for you, but only if you keep your portions in check. A small handful, or about ¼ cup, or mixed nuts contains around 340 calories. You’ll also load up on salt and fat which can make you feel bloated and full before you’ve even sat down to dinner.

Remember!!  This is not dinner.  Look at the food being served as an appetizer course; you don’t want to fill up before you’ve had your meal.  Have a light, sensible dinner when you get home.


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