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FitEngine Fitness Classes:

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You can register for workout classes with our highly qualified instructors! We offer stretching, yoga, and Pilates classes in New York, taking place in the lower Manhattan area. All our instructors and trainers are equipped to guide you on the path toward fitness, and can personalize classes to fit the needs each student. Our classes are small, with fewer numbers of individuals so that the instructor can cater to the specific fitness needs and goals of all those attending. Take a look at the schedule and register for any of the classes available according to your preferences!

Stretch, Flexibility and Mobility
Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility Class is personalized for every individual. This class is designed to release joint restrictions, and increase your range of motion safely.
The Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility class technique focuses on various techniques including Isometric & PNF stretching, joint mobility, and more without injury or stress to the body. Participants learn how to connect their unique anatomy and biomechanics to improve range of motion, skill and function.
Experience huge progress without risking injury-- clients leave class feeling lengthened with more range of motion.



Open Level Mat Pilates
All FitEngine Fitness classes are small and personalized. Every participant is given personal attention and techniques used in class are personalized to the individual.
Transform your body, transform your mind, transform your life with Pilates. This class is an open level that will focus on breathing, increasing muscle control and tone and alignment of the body. The Mat class focus is on concentration and purpose of exercise and using the correct muscle activation. This class is recommended for anyone needing a fundamental and deeper Pilates workout experience. You will find knowledge, skills, compassion and expertise in a comfortable environment with a supportive instructor. Pilates instructors and fitness professionals take this take because of the workout experience and outstanding education that can be used to help their clients. Pilates and fitness enthusiasts take this class because of the exceptional workout experience.



Open Vinyasa Yoga
Find joy and create space in your body with this open level yoga class that will see you both flowing through and indulging in held poses. Prioritize you and emerge feeling invigorated! All levels are welcome.



**SPECIALITY CLASS** Foam Roller, Massage Bar and Ball Plus

Foam Roller, Massage Bar and Ball Class (FRMB+) is a Self-myofascial release technique class that uses foam rollers, massage bars and ball to help reestablish proper movement patterns and pain free movement. This is a speciality class currently offered once a month.
Just a Few Benefits of FRMB+ class:

• Ease muscle soreness (aid recovery of muscles)
• Correct muscle imbalance (restore normal function)
• Increase range of motion and mobility
• Prevent injury
• Release muscle tightness or trigger points
• Increase muscle force (strength and power)
• Boost circulation of blood to the muscles and improve tissue health while lowering overall blood pressure
• Reduce cellulite.

Sometimes stretching alone is not always enough to release muscle tightness. However, in combination with Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility class, FRMB+ will lead to the greatest flexibility improvements. Bodies are not the same, and not everyone will do the same thing at the same time. Class style is relaxed but very focused.

Important: Foam rolling and massage bar/ball might feel uncomfortable at first but that means the muscles needs rolling. The more you roll the less discomfort you will feel. Foam rolling is not recommend if you are injured. As always, consult with your physician or physical therapist before starting fitness/exercise or conditioning/ restoration modalities and practices.

Prerequisite Notes:  Please let instructor know if you are recovering from an injury or if you have special considerations or recommendations from your Physician or Physical Therapist.

Why You Should Take A Class With FitEngine:

  • • We are passionate about empowering YOU.
  • • Classes are taught by expert instructors with certifications in pilates, yoga, anatomy and bio-mechanics and more.
  • • Classes are open and personalized to your needs
  • • Experience the best Pilates and flexibility training in NYC.

FitEngine Fitness:

19 Murray St. 3rd Fl buzzer (moving visions)
(Btw Bway & Church)
NYC 10007 347-770-4348


  • • Online pre-registration is mandatory
  • • Mats are available complimentary. Bring socks. Be comfortable.
  • • Studio honors a 24 hour cancellation policy

FitEngine Instructors:

Nicole Touzien is a dance artist and arts advocate who came to practice Thai massage through her work with Contact Improvisation and interest in sustainable bodywork practices. Nicole trained under the direction of Al Turner, completing Levels I and II NuadBoran Basic Certification and Advanced Sen Sumana Therapy. She currently serves Dancewave as Director of Education and is on the board of NYC Dance Week. Nicole holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Texas Woman’s University. She served as Adjunct Dance Faculty at Glendale Community College in Arizona and has been a Guest Teaching Artist in Queens, New York, and Seoul, South Korea. Nicole has taught her Thai Massage for Dancers workshop at the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival in Austin, and is developing a laboratory-style course to investigate the influence of healing practices within improvisational-based movement scores such as Contact Improvisation.


tashanorman2Tasha Norman is the founder of the celebrated online fitness resource FitEngine, Inc. (, CEO/publisher of Tendu Magazine and FitEngine Magazine and founder/director of the popular NYC Dance Week Festival ( Tasha, is a former elite gymnast, coach, athlete and dancer with certifications in Pilates from Pilates-On-Fifth and Romana’s Pilates, and certifications in Bio-Mechanics and Anatomy, and a Fami Grad. In her spare time (like she has any) Tasha writes articles on how to get ‘per-fit’ and fabulous revealing no-nonsense truths on techniques that really work and why. Tasha’s journey travels from injury to incredible and shares her love of teaching and training with individuals who want to look really good and feel great. All her classes focus on working smart with proper alignment, core and hip strength, flexibility, toning, strengthening and defining. It's a whole body conditioning approach while also improving the trouble spots. Tasha's Flexibility, Stretch & Mobility class is a game changer-where athletes, celebrities and enthusiasts take her class to increase flexibility, range of motion and keep the body healthy. Her philosophy is: Individuals choose to take fitness classes to work out, feel good, and possibly, to reach a goal. As instructors we must knowledgable about the body, and be ready, willing and able to provide the necessary guidance. And most important, be attentive and present with everyone that we encounter. Tasha is excited to welcome everyone to be a part of the FitEngine Fitness family. Thank you all.


Cecilia Tse is a 200-hour RYT who specializes in making the practice of yoga accessible, fun and rewarding to even the fast paced and time poor, as informed by her over 10 years’ corporate experience advising multi-nationals through complex transactions. Her well-balanced sequences aim to help the mind maintain connection with the body through alignment-focused vinyasa flow and dynamic movements. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Cecilia completed her 200-hr teacher training at YogaWorks, New York under the guidance of Jodie Rufty, Jeanmarie Paolillo, Heather Seagraves and Julie Mellk. Cecilia is currently studying holistic nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has a passion for empowering others to prioritize whole health in their busy lives.



marinab-300x300Marina Bilterijst, originally from the Netherlands where she received her BFA in Dance at Codarts, the Rotterdam Dance Academy. In the Netherlands she danced with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam before moving to New York in 2013. In New York she received the Steele Pilates Certification from Teri Lee Steele. Currently she is a company dancer with Nimbus Dance Works where she is also a Dance and Pilates Instructor at the Nimbus School of Dance. As a dancer she finds it very important to keep the body fit and injury free and she sees the best results through Pilates.

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