Remove Stubborn Belly Fat Easily With Pilates

Answer this riddle: what is easy to gain but difficult to lose? It’s belly fat.

If you exercise regularly, you may have noticed that it’s relatively easy to lose weight in certain places, and extremely challenging in others.

Most people tend to lose weight, even go through bodily changes but not in the belly area.

It isn’t as if stubborn belly fat can’t be melted away; you’d just need a comprehensive and strict exercise strategy. This is where Pilates comes in!

Pilates is an exercise regimen that focuses on the core muscles, i.e. it helps reduce unwanted and stubborn belly fat and tones down the stomach.

So, you want to see what Pilates is about? Following is some advice for beginners.

What You Will Need:
• Pilates Mat
• Exercise Ball
• Water Bottle

Learn Basic Pilates Exercises

You can take the help of beginner exercise videos online or enroll for Pilates beginner classes in New York City. The exercises you learn can be included in your daily routine! Some basic Pilates exercises are;

• The Roll Up
• The Plank Position
• Hip Flexion and Extension
• The Hundred
• Leg Circles
• The Scissor
• Seated Side Twists

Practice the Exercises Regularly

Make a habit of practicing these basic moves regularly or at least until you’re comfortable with them.

Only then should you add Pilates exercises to you existing routine!

Focus on your core and tighten it, while performing the exercise.

Forego Sitting on a Regular Chair at Work

If you want to add Pilates in every aspect of your day-to-day routine, skip your office chair and sit instead on your exercise ball!

Why is this good idea? Doing so will force you to focus on your movement and balance while keeping your abdominal muscles tight at all times. Sitting on an exercise ball will also improve your posture!

Just be sure to keep core muscles active and stomach pulled in tight. Taking a break every 2 hours. Light stretching is also recommended.

Add Cardio Exercises To Your Routine

This can be done at least three or four times every week. When it comes to losing body fat and weight, every type of cardio exercise will get the job done.

One bout of hard and fast aerobic exercise can ; so much, that our stomach releases stored glucose which results in belly fat loss. Some cardio exercises are:

• Step Aerobics
• Walking
• Jogging
• Dancing
• Biking (on the elliptical machine too)

Yes, fat that refuses to burn and melt away gives us trouble at every turn. By taking up the best battle strategy against stubborn belly fat, you’ll get a firmly toned body in no time! Book your very first Pilates class with FitEngine today.