The Pilates Arm Workout That Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere!

Many think Pilates is primarily an abdominal sculpting core workout, but in fact with this workout, you can tone the entire body quite effortlessly. When Joseph Pilates came up with this workout, he also devised some arm exercises that are easy to

follow and best of all, the exercises work on all angles of the arms. You won’t even have to use any weights and did I mention that these arm workouts can be done anywhere?

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Pilates Push-ups

Start this workout by assuming the Pilates plank position, with your hands under the shoulders, legs together and heels pressed in the Pilates ‘V’ stance. Make sure your body is forming a straight line from heads to heels. Now brace your core and pull shoulders down and away from your ears. On an inhale, bend elbows and lower down into a narrow armed push up position and remember to bring your elbows toward your waist, all the while engaging the triceps.

Now exhale and pull your belly to the spine while straightening your arms. Go back to the plank position after doing this. Try 8 to 10 push-ups, while staying true to the required form. This workout will affect your back, abdominal, arm, thighs and will generally provide overall body strength and conditioning,

Serving Tray

Start the workout with heels pressed together and toes turned in a classic Pilates ‘V’ stance. Stand tall and position your upper arms by the sides and elbows bent at 90 degrees; bring hands with the palms turned up and forward. Draw your shoulders down and back, while taking in air once and extending your arms straight out in the front as if you’re serving a tray to someone.

You’ll feel the energy coursing through the reaching arms as you draw your ribs back and exhale. Draw your elbows in to the waist and repeat this workout fifteen to twenty times more.

The Bug

This workout will start with your feet shoulder width apart and parallel to the other and arms positioned at the sides. Your hands should be making loose fists with the palms facing back. Now bend your knees and hinge forward slightly at the waist with the arms stretched long and hanging towards the floor. Keep your core firm and shoulders down, squeezing the back of your shoulders to help pull the elbows up pull the elbows up (arms should be wide like you’re holding a large beach ball) thus engaging your triceps. Release arms down to the floor and repeat 15 to 20 reps of the workout.

Due to their basic level, the Pilates arm workouts explained above are easy to follow and don’t require any prior preparation. , once you’ve integrated these into your exercise routine to try your hand at different levels of Pilates classes in NYC.