The Secret to the Perfect Butt: Hamstring Muscles


I’m sure you’re well aware of America’s new obsession: the plump and toned booty. It’s an obsession for good reason! Men are sexually attracted to the look of a luscious behind, and women love to feel empowered, strong, confident, and sexy! So, why not put in some work to develop a butt that you absolutely love?

Here’s the problem:

We’re constantly told in every magazine and media outlet that the key to getting the magical rear of Kim Kardashian or J Lo is to DO YOUR SQUATS.

Which is definitely true.

Squats are fantastic for shaping and lifting your behind. But, there are tons of other exercises that have the same exact effect– if not better.

And with that, a missing component that most people don’t seem to talk much about.

Your hamstrings!

In literal terms, the hamstrings are the tendons that attach the large muscles on the backs of your thighs to the bone; but what we’re focusing on today are the hamstring muscles– the 3 large muscles leading from the backs of your thighs to your glutes.

Your hamstring muscles (known as the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus muscles) run along the backs of the thighs. These are the muscles that help you to bend your knees, touch your toes, stand up straight, and even help you to sit down with a straight posture by pulling your pelvis forward as you sit.

These 3 muscles are the key to lifting your butt and strengthening the back of your legs. And it’s way too often overlooked! When we think about a nice butt, we think about the smooth way that a body goes from thigh to booty.

That smooth transition is only made possible through attention to strengthening the hamstring muscles!

Exercises that focus here lift the bottom of your booty up so that it’s not sagging, as well as tone the backs of your thighs to keep things tight, smooth, and functioning properly.

But there’s more…

Not only are toned hamstring muscles great for lifting and toning your bum, but they also host a myriad of other advantages.

When your hamstrings are out of shape, you become much more restricted in movement. This only hinders your ability to do those things you love to do like dance, workout, run, jump, play– whatever floats your boat.

Tight hamstrings can also be the cause of uncomfortable lower back pain, restricting your movement and your ability to get the most out of your workouts.

When you take care of your hamstring muscles you allow more room for athletic ability and agility. Which pretty much means more enjoyment for you, as your body is healthier overall!

So, how’s it done?

There are tons of exercises you can do from home, or with a trainer, to help you strengthen, stretch, and tone your hamstring muscles. Try these out:

Donkey Kicks

Just to name a few… Do a little research, or talk to your personal Fitness Concierge to find the one’s that work best for you. And remember to have fun with it!

Before you know it you’ll be confidently strutting your stuff down by the shore, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. But, don’t forget about us! Be sure to come back and let us know how this tip helped you out.

What’s your favorite hamstring toning exercise? Let us know in the comments section below.