Tip: 6 ways to add the Alexander Technique to your workouts

Anne-Rene Lawton, certified instructor of the Alexander Technique as well as ACE certified personal trainer and dancer, shares 6 tips for incorporating the Principles of the Alexander Technique into your workouts at the gym:

1. Start to notice how you are using your body when you exercise. When you bend to pick up weights do you use your hips, knees and ankles or the middle of your back?

2. Keeping your neck muscles free of excess tension allows the spine to lengthen as you exercise.

3. As you lift weights focus on lengthening and widening the torso.

4. When lifting weights try not to tense other muscles that are not directly related to the exercise.

5. Do not jut the rib cage out when lifting weights. When the ribs push forward the back shortens and narrows, straining the lower back.

6. Make sure you are upright when using the cardio equipment (treadmill, stationary bike, stairmaster, etc.). Collapsing the chest center makes it more difficult to breathe.

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