Tip: Quad and Hip stretch

The Runners Stretch will help lengthen and stretch your quadriceps and stretch your hips and hip flexors.

1) Take a big step forward with either leg.

2) Bend the front leg so that your knee is over your foot or if you are flexible or need more of a stretch your front knee can move slightly ahead of your foot, but do not lift your front foot.

3) Without sinking into your hips, lift out of your hips and keep your stomach muscles engaged to stabilize and support your lower back. You should not feel pain or tension in your back.

4) Bend your back knee to the floor and feel a stretch in your hip and hip flexors. Move your torso further forward and you will feel a more active stretch in your hip, hip flexors and quads.

NOTE: Lean on a wall or chair for support.

5) Hold for 60 seconds maximum.

6) For a greater stretch lift and grab your back foot (with the opposite arm) and try to bring your back foot to your buttocks.

NOTE: Move slowly and do not attempt this stretch when your muscles are not properly warmed up.

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