Tip: Relief for Back Pain – It’s all about strengthening the stomach and back muscles!

Are you suffering from constant back pain?

Are you ready to take the steps toward back pain relief?

Well, it’s all about strengthening the stomach and back muscles!

We recommend the following workouts for building up your core:

Pilates, Bikram Yoga, Ballet, Simonsen Technique (offered at Dance new Amsterdam (DNA), NYC).

These 4 workouts will help strengthen the key muscles in you stomach and spine.

Stay away from these activities until you get stronger in your stomach muscles and back muscles:

Boxing (by concentrating on your arm/leg movements one tends to let the stomach relax and arch the back)

Running (sometimes the pounding affects the spine)

Aerobics (if not careful arching too much can affect the spine)

Swimming (when the torso moves sometimes your stomach muscles relax)

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