Top Exercises for a Child with Autism

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 88 children have autism, of this number, a majority are boys. If your child is one of the unfortunate children who have been diagnosed with this disease, you’ve probably evaluated your options for treatment and may already have a plan implemented. However, there’s always more that you can do to ensure that your tot is receiving an adequate amount of stimulation in an appropriate environment for his or her needs. Exercise is one way to do so.


Swimming is an ideal exercise for almost anybody because of its ability to exercise multiple muscle groups at one time while still being a low impact exercise, and swimming is considered one of the top exercises for a child with autism. The warmth and weightlessness of the water is relaxing, which doesn’t provide over-stimulation to a child with autism. Swimming is considered a moderate to intense aerobic workout, so it strengths his or her muscles. In addition, it improves the way the body utilizes oxygen, so it’s beneficial to the lungs and cardiovascular system as well.


Hiking works a child’s legs and exercises his or her mind as well. The goal of physical activity is to work the body and increase the attention span of the child. It should also help with coordination. During a hike, the surroundings are peaceful, which doesn’t provide too much to focus on. It’s simple to combined learning about nature during a hike, which means this exercise has the potential to work a child’s mind and body.


Golf is a sport that isn’t done on a team; therefore, it’s ideal for someone who has problems in social situations. Additionally, by not participating in a team sport like baseball, a child with autism won’t be in a competitive scenario. This particular activity can help a child with autism develop motor skills and learn to focus. It’s also quite relaxing as opposed to many other exercises or sports.

 SwimmingHorseback Riding

Horseback riding is highly regarded as one of the top exercises for a child with autism. It presents your little one with the challenge of learning a new skill, which can help build confidence. The bouncing that a kid feels from riding is relaxing and will reduce anxiety. Overall, riding a horse stimulates the senses and assists with physical development.



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