Want To See How A Person Is? See Their Yoga

Want To See How A Person Is? See Their Yoga

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘You are what you eat’? Meant as a motivational message to inspire people trying to lose or gain weight in a healthy way, this phrase actually resonates much more deeply and addresses hidden truths about us in relation to the choices we make.

This phrase can also be taken in a different context, with yoga as the primary. Getting right to the point, we are what we yoga! Let’s explore how this advice applies when we step onto our yoga mats;

You Are What You Yoga

This means: slow down and take life as it comes. Yoga is all about self exploration and peacefulness in this chaotic world.

Don’t Be Fast

You have all day to ride in the fast lane. Take time out and spend it on yoga. Try to decelerate when on the mat. Remember; the yoga mat can be your safety bubble and a place where you can appreciate the wonders of life.

Take your mat outside on a lovely day and practice slow breathing techniques. Stop after every sun salutation; take a breather and savor them.

Don’t Be Easy

Don’t be like all the other yogis, who stop practicing this art and life form once everything is know by them. Think what the founding father of yoga will say! Don’t think it’s alright to stop trying, either in life or yoga once you have been given the heart’s true desires.

Find another cause, another purpose, and fight for it. Just as on the yoga mat, find new ways to perfect your pose, to quiet your mind.

Don’t Be Fake

Your life, just like your yoga should belong to you, and only you. Stop trying to impress that person next to you. Don’t focus on the bigger, more challenging, aspects of yoga; instead, on the little things. Be strong in your own mind and body, just like when practicing yoga. Do remember to let it go easy after accomplishing a particularly pose or task. Assume a resting pose when you need a break and believe that yes, you deserved it.

You are what you yoga but learning from the best also helps. Get in contact with FitEngine and see what they can do for you. Achieve your fitness goal and Zen with them.


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